Warranty Term

  • Bossbulbs provides warranty for all products purchased through the website. The warranty period will be stated in the description page of all products. Warranty due dates will be printed on the receipt or tax invoice issued when purchases are made.

  • Our warranties do not cover any product that has been improperly handled, including products that are misused, abused, disassembled, poorly handled, improper electrical connection or installation, installation of product by inexperienced personel, and use of product with non-supporting devices such as unsuitable electrical transformers (halogen transformers, etc).

  • All products undergo a quality security check before they are sent to you. Original copy of the purchase receipt or tax invoice must be presented upon warranty claims as proof of purchase. Claims without receipts will not be entertained.

Fair use Policy

In order for us to provide the best service, please use the website wisely and provide any necessary information for us to complete your order.